Bouldering and Pancake Failures

PAUL’S DIRECTIONS: 2.  I would say ‘on the way to bouldering’, however that unfortunately was not the end to the bad directions.  He got Jay lost on the way to my apartment, wanted to take the long way on 40 to the park, and then swore he knew where the Hillsborough Weaver Street was.  He was proven wrong, yet again, when we ended up in a big circle and even the iPhone blue dot couldn’t save us.

OUTDOOR BOULDERING IN HILLSBOROUGH: 7.  I feel the need to distinguish between outdoor bouldering in general and outdoor bouldering at a new location in Hillsborough, as this location has several distinct charactestics.  One, it’s within 20 minutes of my apartment which earns it some serious points.  Two, it has some great hiking and beautiful scenery surrounding it, which was especially awesome today in 65 degree, sunny NC weather.  Three, the rocks there are pretty crumbly which was a little bit of a downer.  Not all of them though and we definitely found a couple sweet boulders with some nice problems.  Four, it said ‘No rock climbing or rapelling’ on the way in.  While I definitely tend to respect most rules at state parks, it seemed like since we were just playing around with no ropes or gear or anything it should be alright.  But that did add a tiny bit of guilt.  Over all though it was pretty awesome and I most definitely plan on returning in the near future.

bouldering-013 bouldering-072






SB: 8.  My crash pad has received a name, so I figured I’d rate it with that.  Due to the Sponge Bob appearance when it’s on my back, we are now affectionately calling it SB.  Served us well today as we played around… light, easy to carry, and survived many of Jay’s falls, overall I definitely give it an 8.  I kinda wish it were a little big bigger, but if you’ve got some spotters that’s not too much of a problem.


MY CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKE DEBACLE: 5.  Overall my pancakes are pretty decent.  When you add chocolate chips and NH maple syrup, they’re even better.  However, when I forget to respray the pan in between batches, this is what you get.  AKA an absolute disaster.  Yes friends, that is a pancake.  Oops…


MY TURKEY CHILI: 9.  To restore faith in my cooking I feel the need to include the turkey chili I made for Lauren and Brian Saturday night.  Got the recipe from Katherine after a pretty delicious potluck at work on Friday.  It takes only 30 minutes to cook, and has great flavor and a little bit of spice.  Combine it with some avacado, fat-free sour cream, a little bit of cheese, and a slice of toasted Rosemary bread, I can’t imagine anything better.  My collection of recipes I can actually cook is growing! 




  1. I beg to differ, my friend. We are actually calling you and your crash pad, “Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” With no abbreviation. For example, I would say, “Hey, Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Try sawing off your arm with a butter knife!” That was obviously a hypothetical situation.

  2. If you showed me the pic of your ‘Chocolate Chip Pancakes’ and gave me a hundred guesses at what I was looking at, I can promise you I would never get it. Wow. The chili looks good though……

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