Work, work and a little celebrating :)

MICROSOFT WORD EDITING: 4.  Seriously sometimes the most frustrating thing ever.  Not sure why it will double space sometimes and for the life of me I can’t get it back to normal.  And I get the point of read-only, and respect it, but literally spent forever in the past week renaming files so I could make changes and save them.  Just to realize that if only I’d copied all the content to a blank MS Word document at the very beginning I wouldn’t have had to do that.  Oh well.  It’s all made excellent by…

OFFICIALLY SUBMITTING THE MATRICULATION PACKET: 8.  I’m slightly worried I’ll get an e-mail from the printing company tomorrow telling me something wasn’t perfect or it wasn’t done in time, or something equally horrible.  I’m going to sleep with crossed fingers tonight.


HANGING OUT AT TYLER’S TAPROOM AFTER WORK: 6.  Jon’s rating, not mine.  Care to comment my friend?  

CATCHING UP WITH JON: 8.  Never fails to make me happy.  Could happen more often though, and I kinda wish it could involve Tolteca and RoRap priced beer.  


RANDOM DUDE’S PARK JOB: 3.5.  Really?  I mean seriously.  How do you not pull this off, feel incredibly ridiculous and redo it.  However, this may be the worst park job I’ve ever seen while still managing to stay between the lines.


HEADING TO TYLER’S TAPROOM AFTER WORK ONLY TO DO MORE WORK: 2.  I admire what’s behind the action, but we need some serious work on PPA (Personal/Professional Alignment here.  Plus, I spent two years teaching kids not to get food anywhere near our computers.  I can only imagine that adding beer in th equation could make it even more dangerous.

JESS’S ADORABLE SMILE: 9.  While the work here doesn’t score very high, Jess sure did look happy doing it.  Which makes it a little bit better.  I love people who are that happy 🙂


One comment

  1. Heh… you asked me to rate the Speakeasy itself (note: not Tyler’s), not the actually hanging out. Hanging out would have gotten a 7.5 easy – I mean, tasty beer with a good friend on a Monday night within walking distance from my place? That’s pretty great.

    Speakeasy itself was ok. It wasn’t really comfortable, was somewhat smokey, had so-so specials for a Monday, and was filled with Dook students howling for blood while watching their men’s basketball team hand it to a bunch of hapless Presbyterians. Still an ok place in spite of this, but no better than a 6.

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