Don’t fall for the sea salts!

HER TIGHTS: 6.  I love that she’s working them.  But I like mine way better.  Plus, that belt and turtleneck/dress thing is a bit much.  However I would say Bringing it Back Week has proven itself successful.


EDDIE BAUER SLIPPER SOCKS: 7.  If you touch these things you might never stop.  Soft doesn’t begin to describe them, and on a cold winter snow day there’s nothing better.  They come in all sorts of fun colors, and have little sticky things on the bottom so you don’t go sliding around your kitchen.  I actually think that might take off a point since it makes it a whole lot harder to do the moonwalk.  And you can’t really wear them outside.  But other than that, these come highly recommended for keeping warm in the winter when you’re too cheap to turn on the heat.


CRAZY PEOPLE SELLING SEA SALT LOTION AT THE MALL: 1.  The only redeeming quality about this whole thing is that the lotion is pretty good.  But I even hesitate to say that because I really don’t want to give them any positive press at all.  I cringe when I see their stand coming up, I desperately make phone calls to seem busy, and I’ve even gone so far as to fake deafness in order to avoid them.  They’re SO persistent, insist on actually putting the lotion on your hands, and then insult you to try and get you to buy their product.  It always begins with the innocent line “Can I ask you a question?”.  I plead the fifth my friends.


ME PRETENDING TO IGNORE THEM AS I WALK BY AND THEN PROMPTLY STOPPING TO TAKE A PICTURE: 4.  Super awkward, but probably pretty entertaining for any people watchers out there.



  1. so, I have an even better way to get those people to leave you alone: pretend to be me.

    I’m allergic to a lot of dyes and fragrances and even quite a few filler items in soaps and body products. If I tell them that they usually leave me alone–and if they don’t, I make them read the bottle before they touch me and either make a clean getaway then or give them a smile and say “thanks anyway!” But most of the time just saying “I’m allergic, but thanks.” does the trick!

    ps–gonna question a rating here: if you’re rating her tights how come the dress lowers the rating? or are you rating the cuteness of her tights and that ensemble takes away from it? just bein’ picky. 🙂

  2. my guess is that the tights probably cost about $45… that should lower the rating a little too. Plus… no feet! How are your toesys going to stay warm?!

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