First attempt at an iphone blog…

Carrie’s use of Tupperware to take home her leftovers: 10. Can’t think of anything wrong with this environmentally friendly act. Plus I loved watching her refuse styrofoam and whipping out Tupperware instead. Reminds me of Bunny and her plastic cups… Which I also give a 10. I love people who actually go green instead of just talking about it, or worse yet wearing it on a shirt.



  1. I’ll go for the “go green” shirt. It’s much easier and the law says that I have to wear clothes. They told me that in person recently. The cool thing about the tupperware is that it can also be used for an impromptu helmet… Ok, definitely a 9 for the tupperware, I’m just jealous that I didn’t think of it myself. 😀

  2. I was at Mez for lunch today and my to go box said on it “compostable” and “made from plants not oils.” It still feels like plastic but if that’s true I thought it was pretty cool, i’d rate it an 8, tupperware is obviously still much better. They also had two up front parking places just for hybrid vehicles. Way to be green!

  3. okay, wait. I LOVELOVELOVE the ten, however? I think I need to lose at least half a point because that Tupperware is made of plastic that is not post-consumer recycled. I know, I’m a little hardcore sometimes.

    I really did refuse styrofoam, huh? I might have even loudly explained why I kind of hate the stuff. 🙂

    and for the record, I am totally a fan of “go green” or whatever shirts–IF–and only if, they are “green” themselves. for instance, matt and I both have one that says “respect your mother”–and it’s organic cotton and sustainably made and all that good stuff. THOSE “go green” shirts are kind of my hero. The faux ones seem kind of hypocritical (eg, one made in china and shipped here? soooo not green! and I refuse to purchase them. 🙂

  4. I thought you were trying to save the 10’s for the really good stuff? Don’t get me wrong, whipping out tupperware at a restaurant is pretty cool, but a 10? I just don’t think anything involving tupperware could be a 10.

  5. Jon- I must say I disagree with your opinion. 10’s are for situations, events, choices, things, etc. that can’t possibly get better. There’s nothing I can come up with in my head that would improve that thing. So “CARRIE WHIPPING OUT TUPPERWARE AT THE RESTAURANT” helps save the environment, prevents styrofoam use (which I hate), helps save her from cancer (because research has just shown that reheating the food in the microwave in styrofoam can cause cancer), AND is entertaining. If you can come up with something legit that would take off points (and no, ‘I just don’t think anything involving tupperware can be a 10’ is not a legit reason) let me know. Otherwise, I’m sticking with my 10.

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