Paul’s Relationship With Oscar

6. It’s gone on way too long and he needs to just kick his butt already. The routesetters at the gym are literally waiting to take it down until he gets it, and it’s been 3 months already. However, much love for his perseverence, and he’s getting pretty awesome at the bottom half. Come on dude. Just do it.

And yes friends, that is STILL a rented harness.



  1. You gotta love the stolen Fetzer Gym shorts though. Maybe it’s just my UNC nostalgia, but I think that should him at least a 7.

  2. My favorite part about the FG shorts is that Paul is convinced that you get them for free as part of the gym fees. However he gets a 10a for persistence on Oscar. When he gets it, we have to buy him alcohol.

  3. So it’s not like I won’t give the shorts back at some later time…I mean, the University charges so much for parking and other incidentals that I figure those shorts are the least they can “loan” me. And just for the record I did get to the top of Oscar (with a little help from a random foothold) at which time there was a rousing ovation by the route makers. Hopefully they don’t take it down until I get it for real…

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