RoRap Gas

I can’t continue to rate gas because I’m so lost on how to do it. It keeps going down and I don’t know when it’ll stop so I don’t know how to rate it on a scale. But you gotta love $2 gas and filling up for $25.

DRIVING OFF FROM THE GAS STATION WITH MY WALLET ON TOP OF THE CAR: Now this I can rate. A definitive 1. Good news is I get to retake my drivers license photo. Last time they didn’t tell me I could smile so I looked really sad. Not this time, that’s for sure!



  1. I can top that, I drove away once with the pump hose still in my car. My only excuse was it was 3am and I wanted to get home bad. I heard a loud bang when driving away from the pump, I knew right away what happened, I got out and the pump handle was in my car and the hose was laying on the ground, the owner guy came out and said “you didn’t….” I was like uuuh yeah I did. -5pts for saying “I was like”

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