Google Themes

9.  So far I’m more than impressed.  Considering how much time I spend on gmail, it’s nice to finally get to change the appearance so it’s a little more pretty 🙂  For anyone that’s sat through one of my workshops on blogging/aggregating knows that I recommend a provider solely based on how pretty I can make it.  So this makes me super happy.  I haven’t browsed through them all yet, but some are even region specific.  For example, if you pick the ‘Mountains’ theme it asks for your zip code so they can choose pictures that are from your area.  Don’t have a ton of themes yet (so minus 1), but I’m gonna guess within a couple weeks they’ll have a bunch more.  So far I love it! 



  1. So for those of you who couldn’t tell, I’ve started blogging almost exclusively from my iPhone. It’s super easy to take a picture with the phone, upload it, and then type up a quick rating. However, if I’m near a computer I’ll take the picture from my phone, publish the post and then almost immediately edit it from the computer rather than phone just because I can type quicker that way. I figured there’s no way someone would be on there that quick that I don’t have time to publish the rating. Apparently I’m wrong… glad to see how responsive you are Antoinette 🙂

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