Number Crunching on Excel

7.  It’s official.  I’m obsessed.  Call me a complete computer geek (it won’t hurt my feelings… my kids did pretty much every day for the past two years), call me ridiculous, but I absolutely LOVE crunching numbers using excel.  I get a happy feeling inside, especially when I’ve conditionally formatted the cells so they change color when certain values change…  I becoming more convinced daily that Excel is the new Word, and I’ve started to almost completely eliminate my need for word processing.  Who needs flowery sentences and paragraphs when you can just break everything down to numbers.  I don’t know how to evaluate writing.  Give me numbers and I’m good to go.  I’m discovering things about the way I think that I’ve never thought about before… it’s becoming more and more clear where the rating system came from in the first place.  Good thing a big part of my job is looking at data…



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