Text Messages From Students


So yesterday I got two different text messages from former students that literally made my heart smile for like 10 minutes.  First one was from Saquoyah (sent through a teacher’s phone in the middle of the school day):

“this is saquoyah I save the day in english class we were havin problems with tha smart board an i remembered what u taught me to fix the problem thanks”.  

So first of all, I love Saquoyah and any word from her is incredible.  One of my favorites (okay, I don’t really have favorites but if I did she’d be one of them), and it’s good to know I taught them something.  Even if it was about the Smartboard which wasn’t technically part of my curriculum…

Second one was from Kim that night:

“You came up in our eng class this morning. Ms. Tuttle was attempting 2 work the smart board, we helped her realign it.  Everyone was talking about how good of a teacher you were and how much they missed you.  I miss tech 🙂 Hope murph and you are doing well! Ttys”.  

Makes me happy I instituted ‘Test Prep Texts’ last year so they all have my number and got in the habit of texting me because seriously nothing makes me happier than messages like those.  Also happy that time erases all the memories of bad teaching that went on in that class and all they remember is the good stuff 🙂  Funny how one day you’re the ‘mean’ teacher and the next they’re missing you.  Gotta love 8th graders!


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