The Perfect Song Coming on Pandora at the Perfect Moment

10.  As I’m finishing up my work at the office for the week I decided to put on Pandora to help me power through the 3-5 block.  Just a minute ago on came ‘Butterfly’ by Weezer.  I haven’t heard this song in FOREVER, but it was one of my favorites in college.  What a pleasant surprise 🙂  I clearly remember Dave playing it for me on the guitar that first time in the Honors Lounge of Hughes.  He then taught me to play it and I swear to this day every time I pick up a guitar it’s almost instinctual to start playing that song.  I just love it.  The way it sounds, the words, the way it feels to sing it.  But despite all that I hadn’t even realized it had been missing from my life until it just came on.  At the very perfect moment.  I love that feeling.  What a great way to end a great week 🙂 


Not sure who this is singing it, but it sounds very home-created which is exactly how I remember it used to be back in the day in Hughes.  Makes me kinda love this version.  Enjoy!


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