Evening Yoga

7.  Nothing relaxes me more than some Yogamazing with Chaz.  I absolutely love the way I feel afterwards, and the workout you can get.  Plus, he has so many different yoga routines that you can pick exactly what you’re craving.  Plus they’re free and less than 30 minutes long, which means there’s always time 🙂


MURPHY SITTING RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF THE MAT STARING THE WHOLE TIME: 3.  It was adorable, I’ll give you that.  But one of my favorite parts of a good yoga routine is the peace of mind and focus on not thinking about anything.  Tough to do when you’ve got a very attentive audience.  At least he wasn’t running around, barking, or chewing something up.  He finished it off nicely by deciding to sit on my stomach during corpse pose at the end, which is usually the best part of every workout.  Not quite as relaxing when you’ve got a pup on top of you…


Now it’s off to the climbing gym to see if the yoga will actually improve my grace on the wall…


One comment

  1. I think it did 🙂
    Though I think it did somewhat effect your energy level. Maybe it was the rain. Whatever. MORE CLIMBING TONIGHT!

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