Sunday Adventures

MORNING HIKE WITH SONYA: 7.5.  What a beautiful day.  A little chilly, so you start with a couple layers.  Then you start working and take a couple off.  Then it’s perfect.  We headed over to the Eno River trail where we bouldered last week and decided to try out the hiking trails.  Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but eventually we found a loop that was perfect.  Beginning was uphill, second half was downhill.  Bugged the knee a little bit and made me realize how much I need to focus on cardio when working out, but overall it felt awesome.  At the very end I thought I got us lost when trying to find the car which probably knocks a point off, but we didn’t wander for long before figuring it out.  

I really wish I could find some mountains close by to hike.  I love the hard work of hiking when rewarded with a great view and a sense of accomplishment at the end.


BRUNCH AT WEAVER STREET: 8.  I LOVE brunch at Weaver Street and it has become my favorite part of weekends.  Today’s was no exception.  Only downside is that I tend to overfill my plate (and they charge by weight) because everything looks so good and don’t know the price till I go to pay.  However, the more I go the more I’m learning about which foods are the best, which are the lightest, and how much I can actually eat.  Put together the best salad today and am totally regretting not taking a picture.  That with Weaver Street coffee and good coffee was GREAT.


LEAVING MURPHY IN THE CAR BECAUSE HE CAN’T CONTROL HIMSELF AT WEAVER STREET: 1.5.  I used to take him and he would do pretty well.  The last time, however, he went crazy the whole time and I had to leave early because he had to have been bothering the other customers.  So today I decided to leave him in the car so we could sit inside if we needed to and I wouldn’t have to worry about him.  Hearing him whine and look really sad that we were leaving him behind was really hard though. 


NEW CORPS MEMBERS WHO OWN ICE CREAM STORES: 10.  From there we headed over to the Chapel Hill Ben & Jerry’s.  Found out that one of our new ’09 CMs owns that specific store, so is there a better way to welcome him than go and enjoy some ice cream?  I think not.  In fact, I now plan on welcoming him about once a week… that’s how we work here in Eastern North Carolina 🙂  Plus, I discovered the most incredible ice cream EVER.  Imagine cookie dough, which is incredible, and add peanut butter, which is even more incredible.  And you get ‘Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream’.  That’s right.  Cookie dough from Peanut Butter Cookies!  I’m in love.  It’s official.


MY VEGETABLE LASAGNA WITH ROSEMARY BREAD: 9.  Cooked some last night and had the leftovers for dinner today when I got back from the climbing gym.  Just as good the second time around.  Made it with whole wheat noodles, eggplant, zucchini, squash, onions, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, sauce and mozzerella.  While my culinary skills need a lot of work, I’m starting to get better.  Makes me feel more like an adult 🙂




  1. Does this mean you didn’t community center it on Sunday? I’m slowly crawling out of my Strep hole. You better be ready for next Sunday. Less talking, more twist locking. Or pop locking. Either really.

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