Showing My Family My Office

8. Especially when my sister and dad’s favorite part was playing with the rolly chairs on the concrete floor. Could do without questioning about the future of my career, however.

Seriously Dad?  You’re 50?  I don’t believe…



  1. The best blog yet! LOVE THE VIDEO… I seem to remember, months ago, when a video was taken of me… hmmmmm. 🙂 Can’t wait till tomorrow!

  2. hey! i love it! and I do really miss your family.
    last summer my mom and I were doing some major cleaning and she goes and gets something she tells me is really special. Well, it was this sponge thing to clean the sink but apparently your mom gave it to her. She goes ‘cheryl and janice’s mommy gave this to me and I only take it out during “special occasions” because it really special…’ hehehehe too funny. but she does misses your family too! and I love the blog! say hi to your parents and cheryl ok?

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