Hearing From Old Tokyo Friends…

9.  Nothing is more exciting than logging onto my blog to see that little orange ‘1’ above the comments on my WordPress dashboard.  Those of you with blogs probably know the feeling.  I love having new comments period, but that 1 means it’s a new comment from someone who’s never commented before (or is commenting from a different computer, as I’ve just learned).  It’s always exciting and suspenseful as you click on the ‘Comments’ to find out who it is.  Tonight’s was so surprising, and exciting, it actually motivated me to log on here at 2 in the morning and rate it.

Many of you know I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 8th grade and some of my 9th grade years.  Great times, and I still think about it, and the people, pretty frequently.  I dream about going back sometime soon, and as soon as I marry rich I’m there.  Tonights comment was from a good friend who I went to school with while living there.  Haven’t heard from her in a while, and it’s always super exciting to know 1) that they’re alive and doing well, 2) reading the blog, and 3) also thinking about good times we had.  So Jija, know that you made my night (and possibly week) by commenting 🙂

Only reason it’s a 9 instead of a 10 is because my Clustr map tells me it’s more than just Jija reading from abroad, yet I hear from so few of you.  Would love more pleasant surprises like this…


One comment

  1. hehehe!
    you made my day and my birthday too!! 🙂
    I’m in toronto! not too far from where you are… lol closer than tokyo right?
    I will be in denver for christmas with my parents and pup.
    What are you gonna do for christmas? where are your parents? still in Penn??
    keep in touch!

    friends forever(lol very middle school)

    xoxo, jija

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