Living in the Fake World

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of bar crawls. I’m also a big fan of themed bar crawls. So in my attempt to show Heather the many wonderful things to be found here in her new home, we decided on Wednesday that Friday needed to involve some crawling.  The theme= “Living in the Fake World”.  This gives all involved a chance to live out their fantasy lives, clearly involving a name change as well.  I quickly chose ‘Autumn’, which I would rate a 9 as far as names go.  Several ratings resulted from our evening on Franklin Street.

JEREMY DD-ING SO WE DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY A CAB: 9.  Small amount of guilt goes along with anyone DDing, and feeling like you’re a burden, but I loved saving money 🙂

RUNNING INTO MANDY’S EX AT THE FIRST BAR WE WENT TO AND WATCHING HIM MAKE OUT WITH HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND: 2 for awkwardness.  I know Mandy’s a consistent reader who has yet to comment, so I’m going to let her add her own rating to this one. 


TRIPP (the band we discovered at Jack Spratt): 7. 5.  I absolutely love discovering new live music!  This band was surprisingly awesome (for such a small crowd at a bar on a Friday night) and we ended up staying there the rest of the night.  -1 for removing the crawling from the bar crawl, but I would say totally worth it.  They played great music, the lead singer and lead guitarist were adorable, and the bass player was so nerdily awkward it kept me constantly entertained.  Bought a CD which I proceeded to listen to all day today and I can’t wait to see them again.  HIGHLY recommended.  Here’s a video I found on YouTube of the lead singer- it’s my favorite song they played all night.  Below that is a YouTube video of one of their live performances.  Not as good for seeing how good the music really is, but you can see the attractive lead guitar and the funny, awkward bass player.



OUR ABILITY TO EXECUTE OUR FAKE LIVES: 1.  Not quite so good at this… in fact I’m pretty sure I only said my name once all evening (and I didn’t hear anyone elses at all), and didn’t even get one good story out of the evening!  Totally got distracted by the search for bars and good music.  Will have to recycle this one.

OVERALL BAR CRAWL: 6.  Hard to have a bad time with great company and great location.  But next time I’d map out the bars ahead of time so more focus could be on the theme, and I’d also create challenges at each bar to spice it up.  

img_0381 img_03801



  1. ok since you called me out in your post i feel semi obligated to comment now. so after discussion with claudia the original rating on the awkwardness of running into an ex was an 8 but we decided that made it seem good, so thats where the 2 comes into play because, although awkwardness may sometimes be good, this my friends was just weird. but my overall rating of the evening would be a 9, who knew franklin street could be so fun.

  2. hi janice! i will comment, so that you don’t feel like you are talking into a void… not to *completely* freak you out, but i’ve been checking in on your blog every now and then as a welcome distraction from studying at the law school. remember back from, let’s see, over two months ago, i met your friend lauren here at school and she directed me to you and wayyy back then i had resolved to climb more and since then? nothing.

    i blame school. anyway, love your blog and hopefully i’ll get my act together and we’ll climb together soon!

  3. I’d like to point out that the two extremely attractive guys in the band picture are not actually in the band (Tripp) at all. They’re in some band called Bain Mattox. How do I know that you ask? Well… I went to see American Aquarium last night and the guys on stage looked really familiar. Talked to the bassist (in the hat) after the set and yep, sure enough, they were at Jack Sprat. Highly recommend them… maybe an 8? American Aquarium wasn’t bad either.
    Overall evening, I agree with the 6. Fun, but more planning and follow-through required next time.

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