Katherine’s Ability to Inhale Torrero’s Chips

10.  I clearly remember the first time I was lucky enough to spend time with Katherine Porter outside of work.  It was a staff social at the delicious Torrero’s Mexican Restaurant, with giant dishes and fabulous chips.  I learned after about 2 minutes that I should probably move my glass of water far out of the way so her quick moving elbows didn’t knock it into my lap.  I then moved all baskets of chips and salsa into her immediate reach so I didn’t get injured. 

Katherine has the unique ability of inahling Torero’s chips like no one I have ever seen before in my life.  We all like them, but most people make the poor choice of censoring their obvious infatuation.  Katherine does not.  This I love. 

Notice the napkin tucked into her shirt and the crazy woman eyes.  Two more reasons I love Katherine. 

These are the moments I live for.



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