Richard’s New Sneaks

8.  Totally love the boldness of the color (reminds me of the RocketDog shoes I fell in love with a couple weeks ago), and the fact that there’s no laces.  Means they can’t get caught in your bike (as Richard pointed out), AND it makes them feel like slippers when you’re wearing them.  I used to have a pair similiar to these with no laces, and they were super comfy.  Only downside was when it was raining my feet got SOAKED, and they weren’t good for sports where you move side to side (AKA tennis/volleyball) because your foot actually slides around inside the shoe.

All in all though when you add the yellow shoes to the yellow bookbag and the bright yellow car, Richard’s got quite the theme going on.

POSE: 6.  Richard’s a little confused and thinks just cause I like his shoes he should become a shoe model…



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