Unexpected Vehicle Taxes

0.  So I went online today to take care of that pesky registration issue, and it wouldn’t let me pay.  Said something about ‘Unpaid County taxes’.  I gave them a call, assuming this was one of those $15 tax things that used to show up in my mail, but probably got lost somewhere during the move.  When I finally got a hold of someone she told me it was $231!!!  There goes my entire Chase refund check that I was so excited about.  Plus, of course the website that lets me pay it is down, so I can’t do it yet, which means I can’t renew my registration yet, which means I could get pulled over again.  Awesome.


One comment

  1. Don’t worry about getting pulled again. Just keep your original ticket and they will let you go. Then, when you go to court, print out the receipt from paying your registration online and they will let you go and won’t give you additional charges. I had the same thing happen. And got pulled three times between the first ticket and my court date. They only get you once. =)

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