Murph’s Ability to Sneak Into My Cabinets

1.  Murph’s been getting a lot of positive press recently.  Really just a lot of press in general (which is probably a good thing, because I’m pretty sure my family only reads this blog for pictures of him…).  So I think to ensure the integrity of the blog, and my fair and balanced ratings, I need to include this one.

Murph has discovered how to get into my cabinets.  I’m not quite sure how, but this is bad news, really bad news actually, for my trash, which until now was safely tucked away in my bathroom and kitchen cabinets.  However this is how I found him a minute ago, with my bathroom trash can ALL OVER my floor.  And this is after taking him for a run tonight.  I’m not quite sure why he gets into the moods he does sometimes, but I’m hoping tomorrow he forgets how the hell he got in there in the first place.

Until then I’ll just enjoy the laugh it gave me when I couldn’t find him and then saw the cabinet door start opening on its own…




  1. I do NOT just read your blog for Murphy photos! 🙂
    I do enjoy this particular one though, I guess he is smarter than we thought…

  2. This is definitely worth more than a 1. Yes, your life might become a living hell now, but I know a little part of you thought, “I just struck blog gold.” That, and the joy it gave me this evening, is worth a least another couple points.

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