Saturday Climbing

8.  Excited to get to climb with Andy again (it’s been too long!), and I love his positive attitude and weak leg.  Meant he was my belay slave for two hours… PLUS two corps members who climb joined up, thankfully proving their legitimacy as climbers. 


I kind of have a thing about ‘fake climbers’ vs. ‘real climbers’- ‘fake climbers’ being those people who find out you climb (often by seeing my bouldering pad and gear in the back of the car) and are all like “Oh wow!  You climb?  So do I!  I love climbing!  Let’s go together some time!”.  And being someone who loves finding new climbing partners, my response is always the same: “Absolutely!  Let’s do it!  I’ll shoot you an e-mail the next time I plan on going and you should come!”  I get really excited, and can’t wait to hit the wall with some new buddies (as much as I love all my climbing buddies, it’s always fun to mix it up… plus, I love introducing new buddies to ‘old’ buddies, and having them enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

FAKE CLIMBERS will inevitably have an excuse every time you send an invite their way, and will never actually show up to climb.  So I’m pretty sure these folks may never have been, or for whatever reason think it sounds cool to be ‘a climber’.  Am I being too harsh?

REAL CLIMBERS will j-up the first time around, and many times after, because of course, we love to climb.  I’ll allow a little slack here, as I know that people are busy and aren’t always really able to go the first time.  But if it happens more than a couple of times you get moved to the fake climber list.

Thankfully Aaron proved my doubts wrong, and moved his way over to the real climber list after a short stay with the fakes, and Ben proved himself the first time he was invited.  In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s even the one who initiated.  Well done.  Can’t wait to venture outside!



  1. Do you have a disclaimer somewhere saying you’re opinions may not reflect those of others, and you may be possibly taking medicatin to skew the ratings?

    You in no way shape or form intend to display a rating that can be confused with another rating that may be intended to harm those who are innocent. =)

  2. I think Kevin is just worried he’s going to be in the fake climbers group since he hasn’t made an appearance at meetup in months. I rate that a 2, he only gets a couple points since i figure he’ll blame it on taking care of his very pregnant wife…but you’d better hurry and come before you actually have the baby!

  3. I concur with Lisa. Kevin… we miss you…

    Additionally… how many times did I invite you to come outside with me last year, only to hear every excuse under the sun of why you couldn’t?? It took dragging Andy along for you to finally come. 😉 I think you’re a real GYM climber, but a fake one when it comes to outdoors… prove me wrong! 😀

  4. This is a legit point… while I do enjoy outdoor climbing (I do Claudia, I swear!), it’s kinda like skiing. Once you get to the top of the hill, the going down part is AWESOME. But all the work it takes to get to the top (driving to the mountain, putting all your gear on, figuring out where to keep all your stuff, waiting in chair lift lines, etc.) makes it something I don’t get around to very often. Is it worth it every once in a while? Hell yeah. But frequently? Nope. Not so much. Especially when giving up a weekend usually involves giving up 3 or 4 other things. So my apologies, Claudia. However I’ll totally do it for bouldering. Takes way less time AND there’s boulders within 30 minutes of here, so it doesn’t have to take all day. So what I’m discovering is that the real problem here is YOU NEED TO START BOULDERING!!!

  5. So taking care of a pregnant wife is not a valid excuse? Apparently none of you have been pregnant before… =) I bet your tune will change.

  6. Just to clarify, you’re only a fake climber if you PRETEND to be super into it and then wimp out. So Carrie, to answer your question, as long as you never front like you love climbing outdoors, you’re totally fine 🙂

  7. Whew, thanks for that clarification Janice – after skipping the bouldering trips I was worried I had fallen into the “fake outdoor boulderer” category.

    I haven’t been climbing outside in a while though – hmmm….

  8. Hey i said it was somewhat of an excuse which is why you got a 2 and not a zero;) but somehow i think she could fend for herself a few hours alone once a week or at least every few weeks. I have not been pregnant but all of my friends have and none of them sat around while pregnant so….

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