Winning 35 bucks in Poker

8.  I know those of you high rollers are laughing at my mere $35.  HOWEVER, for someone who hasn’t played in a real poker game in almost 3 years, I was super pumped.  I give credit to my sunglasses, hoodie and Jeff.

Last night was the first of a monthly poker night that Jon and I are planning.  I learned to play in college when Jeff taught me (and then forced me to play every night… and by forced I clearly mean invited, an invitation that I was obviously never able to refuse).  In fact, I remember sitting many places playing imaginary poker with him, only fine tuning both my skill and my addiction (although he might argue the first).  I’ve missed it since then, and didn’t play much after we broke up.

Well, that’s all about to change.  I rate it an 8 because obviously it feels good to win, and I like money.  However I’m pretty positive that winning the very first poker night is not a good thing because it will only encourage me to return where I will inevitably lose more than $35. 

Below is what my stack looked like… Well, not quite because I actually insisted on keeping it in a big pile the whole time for good luck.  Until they started to fall off the table…




  1. Hey Janice!

    This is your good ‘ol CMA from back in the day. I saw your blog linked from your facebook page and I just wanted to say “hi!” and say that this is an awesome blog!

    If I remember you well enough, you were a major fan of the the acronym. What happened? Not many acronyms here. Unless you’ve switched form acronym to pure rating, which seems reasonable. Anyways, it was great to see what you are up to!!!


  2. You’re lucky I wasn’t there, I would have taken that $35 right back from you, plus everything you had in your pockets, and more! I know all your tells, watch out!

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