Sunday Mornings

10.  So many tens in the past couple of days!  But seriously, I LOVE Sundays!

They start with Sunday morning climbs at the Community Center, which are always a good workout and guaranteed good company.  I literally don’t laugh as much the rest of the week as I do with Jay and Paul.  And climbing is always followed by delicious breakfast (usually Weaver Street, however today we spent most of the 2 hour climb arguing about how and where to ‘mix it up’) and great conversation.  I love sitting around, eating good food, drinking coffee and chatting with those two.  And today Claudia joined the fun 🙂


ODed a bit on breakfast foods (I couldn’t resist adding a homemade biscuit on to my meal of 2 eggs, 2 pancakes and turkey sausage), but I think it was worth it…


TEAM EFFORT FINISHING MY PANCAKES: 8.  Jay immediately helped, but took a really small bite.  Claudia thought that finishing hers was enough of a contribution.  I disagree.  However, when pressured Paul really stepped up and finished them.  Well done team.


I can’t wait till next Sunday.



  1. “Really small bite?” Have you seen the picture you took? That pancake is massive. And I’m winking. Both of those equals “really big bite.” I rest my case.

  2. so it’s been a while since i’ve posted here. i must say that sunday climbing and lunch as well as conversation is high on my list too. who doesn’t have fun revisiting bryan adams and his career’s pursuits? in all seriousness, it’s kind of incredible that we were able to retrace so many songs sung by rod stewart, bryan adams, and sting (which, for all of those looking for the “kevin bacon” correlation, started from janice’s mention of the song “all for love” by the aforementioned artists)

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