Bryan Adams Coming to Chapel Hill!


I’ve had a list in my head for about 8 years now of people I would pay money to see in concert. I love music. A lot. I love listening to music, I love playing music (only when I’m alone), I love singing music (either alone in the shower/car or karaoke under unique circumstances), and I LOVE live music. However, I don’t love how expensive concert tickets are. Therefore, to prevent splurging on concerts left and right (which would be a very real possibility without the list), I’ve created the list.

I prefer to keep only about five people on it at a time, so it’s truly exciting and special when one of them comes to town. And if they’re on the list there’s pretty much no price I wouldn’t pay. If they’re here, I’m there. The list as of college:

1. Jewel (check!)

2. Dixie Chicks (check!)

3. Indigo Girls (check!)

4. Bryan Adams

5. David Gray

6. Enya

So you can imagine my excitement when seeing a Bryan Adams poster on the wall of Elmo’s on Saturday. I called this morning at 11 as soon as they opened, and purchased two tickets.

-2 points for 1) price (I’m willing to pay anything, but I still don’t like when they’re pricey) and 2) the harassment I’m getting for loving Bryan Adams so much. This doesn’t really bother me other than it’s going to be a little more difficult to find someone to use that second ticket. Because you better believe I’m not taking anyone who’s not willing to wear a side pony and sing along loudly to every single love song.

If you think you can hang, let me know. You’ll find a little teaser below…



  1. Got my first real six string, boy I could 5 and dime, played until my fingers bled….. I don’t see how anyone could hate bryan adams, that guy got more guys laid. He’s like R-Kelly for white people.

  2. I downloaded the best of bryan admas when i got home… i never realized how many of his songs i knew…
    Currently listening to American Aquarium… I highly recommend the song called Lover Too Late. Look it up 🙂

  3. ha! who doesn’t like bryan adams? i could say i like him, but love? thems some strong words for the singer of such hits as: “everything i do (i do it for you)”, “can’t stop this thing we’ve started”, “summer of ’69” and other mondo rock tunes. now if you throw in toad the wet sprocket, or dave matthews band, then i could say i love those 3 as a unit…

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