Air Vent Next to My Kitchen Table



For years now everyone in my family has had the same seats at the kitchen table.  My mom’s closest to the inside of the kitchen, my dad’s closest to the door, my sister’s closest to the family room, and I’m at the end right next to the window.  And conveniently located right behind my chair is an air vent.

Now you may be thinking ‘What about an air vent could possibly earn a 3″?  Well this vent and I have been battling for seriously almost 15 years now.  It isn’t flat against the ground, and has been coming out for that long, meaning every time I move my chair it gets caught and yanks it out.  EVERY TIME.  I’m so over lifting my chair up just to move it closer to the table.  

Yes, I am that lazy.  I think from now on the table’s gonna move to me.


One comment

  1. By the way – NEW vent (not that you noticed), which no longer comes out of the floor every time you move. No, doesn’t fix the fact that you can’t move closer without catching your chair on it, but it looks better, matches, and is a lot less beat up!

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