Murph’s Car Behavior



Murph’s been riding in my Subaru ever since he was a small pup.  I used to let him ride in the front with me, but recently we created a new ‘backseat only’ rule, and I’d say he’s doing pretty well.  I’ll even take him for walks outside, and when we get close to the car he’ll start wagging his tail and getting excited because he thinks we’re going for a ride.

Once in the car he’ll do one of two things: 1) wander around the car staring out the windows (head out if the windows down and I’ll let him) and entertaining other cars or 2) curled up on top of some of the junk I have crowding the back of my car (the crash pad is a favorite).  Either way, he never makes a sound until we get near some place familiar (as we were pulling into my street in Harrisburg, where he hasn’t been in a long time, he let out a little squeal of excitement).

-2 for the gas station incident.  Went in to get coffee and go to the bathroom, and when I returned to the car not only had he snuck into the front seat, but also got into my bag of bread and ate 3 whole pieces and made a mess of the front seat.  The good part of that was the food coma it induced, which resulted in a solid 2 hours of puppy sleep.




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