My Quest to Become a ‘Real’ Adult

My quest to learn how to become a ‘real adult’ intensified over Christmas break. I realized I’m lacking in several key areas that I’ve decided to more aggressively pursue in the New Year. One of which being actual hostessing skills, such as setting a nice table. So Cheryl and I tried it out, learning along the way. I think we did pretty well 🙂


-.5 for our need to ask for help (although, I think smart students ask questions…)

img_0460 img_04611

The second part of this real adulthood would be my culinary skills. This I actually view as two-part. 1) Planning and development of my own recipes, or ‘specialties’ if you will. You know, those go-to meals you’re known for. Someone invites you to a potluck and you are responsible for a dish, you know you can bring this and wow everyone. I wanna build up a reserve of 3-4 of these. 2) The actual execution. On top of my specialties, I’d love to be able to take any recipe and execute it well. I feel like this is something adults can do.

So, I decided practice makes perfect, and volunteered to cook dinner the day after Christmas for the family, Grandparents, along with a little bit of help from a special guest (so I suppose I can’t take all the credit, although I’ll try).

GOUDA APPETIZER: 9. Hopefully Murph in the background, and the lack of most of the appetizer, gives some credibility to the deliciousness of this gouda cheese ball. Super easy (took about 10 minutes to prepare) and incredibly good, it’s basically just a ball of gouda cheese, covered with some Dijon mustard, and then wrapped in a crescent roll. You pop it in the oven at a temperature low enough to cook the outside while also melting the inside. Since there’s crescent baked on it, you don’t even need anything to go with it!


STUFFED FLOUNDER: 7. The prep time for this was a little bit longer, and a little more complex. We began by making a stuffing of crabmeat, mushroom, onion, parsley, butter, crackers and some other things (can’t even remember now), then wrapped the flounder around it, and next created a milk/wine/mushroom juice sauce that we poured over it. While I didn’t do much of the sauce making, it seemed a bit delicate, and I wonder how I would have done with this part on my own.

-1 for difficulty (mostly the sauce; the rest was pretty easy), -1 for the amount of butter, and -1 for how the leftovers reheated (felt really heavy and fatty the second time around). Overall though it was a hit with the family and I’d say we got a pretty good rating from them. Would definitely make again, but I’m not sure this will become one of my specialties.




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