Breaking the Screen of My iPhone


While it can be assumed the screen of an iPhone is probably fragile, I had no idea this is what would happen if I dropped it about two feet off the ground.  I was headed out for a walk with Han and pulled it out of my pocket to show her a picture.  Because I had taken the rubber cover off over Christmas while at home, it’s become a little more slippery, and flew right out of my hand.  The rubber cover probably would have softened the fall too, which would have prevented the screen from breaking.  I did some research and it appears I am not the only one suffering from a broken screen, and some looked even worse than mine.  Who knew this was a common problem with iPhones???

I then went to the Apple Store at Southpoint in Durham to see what could be done, and apparently nothing, even with Applecare.  The first guy was pretty rude and didn’t seem to realize how much this sucks, and how urgent it is to replace it.  Both the curse and the blessing of the iPhone is how it stores all of my life.  It’s great because that’s all I ever need with me, but if anything ever happens to it, it needs to be replaced ASAP.  He told me they wouldn’t be able to replace it, and that I would need to just buy a new one, yet I had to sign up for an appointment to even purchase a new one. 

Are you kidding me?!  An appointment to buy something from your store?  Turns out he was actually an idiot, because as I returned to Han and stood there looking bummed, another guy came up and offered to help.  I told him what had just happened, and he immediately took me and got me a new one.  Which then just proved the hunch I had that this other guy really could help me, but just couldn’t be bothered.  I’ve never had an experience like that at an Apple store, but was pretty disappointed in the first guy’s customer service.  Brian, the second guy, was incredible though, so if you ever head in there make sure to ask for him.

I then spent all my Christmas money on the replacement.  Awesome.  But since I already have an iPhone plan and am paying for all the benefits, it didn’t make any sense to not replace it.

Plus 1 because it came with an extra set of headphones with mic, which I was going to have to replace anyway since I couldn’t find them at them home before I left.



  1. I don’t have one (completely agree with Lisa on this) but if I did and broke mine I think I’d spend the next few hours curled up in the fetal position. SO sorry Janice…

  2. saddened to hear about the old iphone, but glad to hear that customer service isn’t totally and completely dead at the apple store. weren’t we just talking about that over at foster’s last weekend?

  3. I’d like to convince you to give this a 2 though as it clearly deserves another point because others (like me) can now learn from your bad luck. Now I feel like an idiot for not having a protective case on mine. I should definitely remedy this ASAP. Sorry I had to learn it from you though, Janice.

  4. I think I would cry if I broke my iphone… I’ve heard a lot of bad stories of people who work at apple stores being total assholes… I dropped mine once and kinda scratched the corner, but nothing happened to the screen, I guess now you’ll treat yours like it’s a baby like I do… hope this doesn’t happy again!

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