Friendly’s Stop in Ohio



I LOVE Friendly’s. LIke a lot. Growing up in PA I ate there all the time and we used to make jokes about how they must train their servers to be slow because it’s literally almost impossible to find one with half decent service. This actually worked out pretty well for me when I started working there, because the expectations were so low it was easy to exceed them. Plus, it is a huge indication as to how good it is that despite the slow service I used to go there ALL the time.

-1 because the Chicken Parm Melt (my go to favorite) wasn’t on the three course meal option. However +.5 for even having a three course meal option (sort of) where you can get a drink, meal and ice cream for $9.99.




  1. I used to love the Cone Head Sundae when I was a kid. There’s just something about the fudge dipped sugar cone on top and the M&M’s they used to put at the bottom of the cup that still make me smile.

  2. 8 for the Reese’s Pieces Sundae because of the awesome, creaminess of the peanut butter sauce, it’s not just creamy peanut butter, it is just something so freakin’ special. And the chocolate sauce on that and the creamy whipped topping. haven’t ever had another one like it anywhere else!

    1. I totally agree! For YEARS I attempted to find Peanut Butter sauce like theirs in the grocery store, but inevitably as soon as I put them on my sundae they would get cold and hard. Not the Friendly’s kind. Nope. It stays creamy until the very last lick of the bottom of the bowl. I love it.

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