Go Blue!


This is going to be a first for Rate Your World… a post with no rating. However, I did promise not to put a rating on something that means a lot to some people, so I’m going to respect that. Don’t expect this to be repeated though, and don’t take this as any indication that you can ask me not to rate something and I’ll listen.


After arriving in Detroit, I got a great tour of the school, highlighting pretty much everything. In fact, I was there almost all day, and got to see almost every academic building, every street, and definitely every athletic building. It’s clearly a giant campus which is different than what I’m used to, but I love the idea of a school with such intense school spirit. It’s become a habit to say ‘Go Blue’ pretty much all the time. I used to think it was a funny school slogan to yell, or even say, when your team’s wearing gold, not blue, but I’ve been convinced it makes sense (sort of) and now I find it super fun. Sometimes you just can’t explain why things make you happy.

Grabbed some sushi for lunch, and while the food was delicious, the restaurant was FREEZING. It was pointed out to me that that doesn’t really make sense, since it was probably 68 in the restaurant and below freezing outside. So I should have felt at least warmer than outside, but for some reason I’m pretty sure I shook more in there than I did out in the cold. Total bummer when you would otherwise totally enjoy a meal but are distracted by the three jackets you’re wearing and the freezing temperature. I rate that a 1. Oops. I guess I can’t resist rating.

We finished off the day with some Mexican before heading back. You can’t go wrong with Mexican 🙂

Was a little disturbed by this on the side of an old building on campus until I realized it was chalk and not paint.

Was a little disturbed by this on the side of an old building on campus until I realized it was chalk and not paint.



  1. Janice! Guess where that spray chalk came from? Recruitment…Michigan…

    (well, not me technically… but our team) It should NOT be on the side of the building though!

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