Villa Macris


You know how everyone has that favorite restaurant that’s so good you could eat there every day and never get sick of it? Pretty sure that’s how a lot of people feel about Villa Macris (or just plain Macris as it used to be called). Has a menu that includes everything from their original deli sandwiches (which you can get with their homemade chips like Wings and Rings) to meat to seafood to some incredible sounding pasta dishes.

We started out with breadsticks and cheese dip that was just spicy enough to make it distinctive and delicious. I spent forever debating between one of their many specialty gnocchis (one of which was stuffed with cheese and tomatoes!) and an eggplant meatball sandwich (where else can you get one of those???). I went with the sandwich, with the chips, and was definitely not disappointed. We started with crab bisque which was incredible, and left me too stuffed to finish the sandwich. But if it’s any indication of how good it was, the leftovers didn’t even make it an hour in the car on the way home.

-.5 because the chips were slightly overcooked, and -1 for its proximity from Durham. It was almost like a tease since I may never get to go back!



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