Murphy’s New Backpack


As many of you know, Murph had a backpack as a pup that helped to tire him out on our walks. He used to have so much energy that for a 30 minute walk to tire him out at all I had to add rocks so he was carrying more than his own weight.  However, since then he’s outgrown the little one and has gown backpackless for quite some time. So when this one showed up on Steep and Cheap for only $20 (ones this nice normally go for around $60) I was super excited. I guessed a little on the size, but couldn’t imagine Murph would be an extra small.  He’s not a purse dog or anything.

However when it arrived we tried it on and it appeared to be a bit too big. After adjusting the straps creatively, it now seems to fit a lot better. Murphy, however, does not agree. Every time I put it on him he basically crawls around the apartment. Picture the stance you see here, plus moving front legs.  This pose he actually held for a solid 3-4 minutes without moving (which is especially impressive considering this dog struggles to sit still on a normal day). I have no idea what it is about the backpack, or the straps, but he literally does not want to move with it on.

Eventually we got him out the door and down the steps, although I’m pretty sure our non-stop laughter didn’t help his confidence. He didn’t walk easily at first, but eventually he got the hang of it and actually did really well. It’s funny how putting a backpack on him immediately changed the way he walked and behaved. He walked right next to me, prancing almost, with his nose in the air, as opposed to his normal pulling, sniffing, stopping, jumping, etc. The theory is that when they’re wearing a backpack they feel like they’re doing work, which is an important part of their psyche. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I do know that  he’s a completely different dog when he’s ‘working’. And as soon as I took it off at home he frantically started sprinting around the apartment. I guess you can never get rid of it completely…



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