Tuesday Climbing at the Chapel Hill Community Center

7. While not officially a climbing gym, the CHCC walls are some of my favorites. It’s where I first started climbing last year, and I never fail to have fun with Jay and Paul there. Plus, I just really like the routes (and unfortunately don’t know enough about route setting to know why). While I usually go on Sunday mornings, the $3 cost lured me away from the traditional $8 Tuesday night climb. Missed the VE folks, but loved the five bucks I saved.

However, because all the college gyms are still closed, it was insanely busy. Like i’ve seriously never seen it that busy before. Which meant some serious lines to climb, and led me to
literally sprint across the gym floor anytime I saw a rope open up.

-3 for the lines and crowd, but everything else was awesome. Maybe I can convince a couple of the faves from VE to occassionally head over there…


One comment

  1. We were wondering where you were – tsk, tsk. Hope this doesn’t become a habit – we’ll have to start taking up a donation for you if the five bucks is that important.

    Seriously – missed you…

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