Getting Stuck Behind a Tow Truck on the way to work

2.  I really do hate getting frustrated at something as little as traffic.  However, I’m pretty sure there is nothing in the world that drives me more insane than slow traffic.  So this morning when on the way to work out pulls a slow truck, that proceeds to go 20 MPH (no exaggeration, I swear) right in front of me, I wanted to die.  That’s right friends, I’m not being dramatic.  That’s exactly how painfully slow it was.

The only reason it even earns a 2 is because it is possible that I have a habit of driving too fast, and sometimes I think it’s probably a good thing there are people out there like this tow truck to slow me down…


I also couldn’t have been more excited when he decided to take a right at MLK.  The rest of my drive was peaceful, and luckily it didn’t last long enough to put me in a really bad mood.


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