My Recent Blogging…

3. The only reason I even rate it this high is because I really have been thinking about the blog, taking pictures of things I want to rate, and even thinking pretty in depth about the ratings. And then, no post. Coming back from a vacation is killer, as there seems to be twice as much work to do! We came back to a 6 day work week with an ACC on Saturday which took a lot of prep time, but the good news (actually great news) is that we have a four day weekend this week (which then creates two back-to-back four day work weeks which is almost even better).

Heading back to PA for the first PA Farm Show (largest in the country my friends!) in years! I can’t wait to see the butter sculpture, smell the familiar farm show smell (for those who don’t already know it you probably never really want to) and eat the delicious potatoes and fried fish. Can’t wait!

Will attempt to actually post those ratings tonight…


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