Coupon Book Adventures- La Hacienda

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was the famous and incredible Entertainment Books. They make them for all different areas of the country, and my mom ordered me the Raleigh/Durham one.

What this means for the excitement of my life is that I have now have a really great excuse to try tons of different restaurants in the area and eat ice cream from every ice cream shop in the city. Because clearly it’s a waste of money not to use all the coupons in the book…

SO, the adventures began this week after climbing when we decided to try a new Mexican restaurant, La Hacienda. In Chapel Hill on 15/501, I’ve always seen it and wondered if it was any good.

Well, it’s not. And it takes a LOT for me to say that about any Mexican food. However, poor service, bland tasting fajitas and beans, and their refusal to use two of our coupons even though we split checks earned it a 3. I will not be returning, so if anyone wants my extra coupon, let me know!





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