The Love of My Life

So as I informed you all about a month ago, Bryan Adams decided to make a visit to Durham. Since he’s been on my mental list of ‘Concerts I Must See Before I Die’, I had no qualms about coughing up 80 bucks for two tickets. That’s the purpose of the list you see. No matter how much the tickets are, if they come, you must go. However I keep the list relatively short to emphasize the importance of those musicians, and to make the decision to spend money on them not a decision at all.

Then, when I go to the concerts I have a short list of ‘Songs I Must Hear to Make the Ticket Worth the Money’. In addition, I have a long list of ‘Songs that Will Make Me Love this Musician Forever’. If they play all those they’ve become my new hero.

Short List for Bryan Adams:

  • Here I Am
  • Please Forgive Me
  • Everything I Do, I Do it for You
  • Summer of ’69 (not even because this is my all time favorite song, but if I’m gonna see Bryan Adams live, I gotta see him do this song).

Long List-all of the above plus:

  • Straight From the Heart
  • To Really Love a Woman
  • All for One, All for Love

When Bryan played Please Forgive Me I was in the happiest mental place EVER. He even played it as a country singer which was funny AND good. When he finished the entire concert with ‘All for One, All for Love’, the only song left on my long list, I realized this was perhaps the best concert of my life.

Seriously, I can’t explain last night in words. I’ve been in love with Bryan Adams since Freshman year of college, and last night that love was taken to a whole nother level. There’s something about his incredible voice, the deep raspiness that makes it really sexy, and the hopelessly romantic lyrics (which obviously I’m a huge sucker for) that just makes him incredible in my eyes.

PLUS, seeing him live last night just showed me what a good person he is. Despite having 11 albums, several Academy Award nominations and tons of music awards, he was one of the most humble people ever. Not a hint of cockiness, and great stage presence where he genuinely interacted with the audience. He took straight requests (including Freebird and Stairway to Heaven which was hilarious), and told a lot of stories behind some of his songs which I enjoyed. Best one:

“Next I’m going to play perhaps one of my most misunderstood songs. People seem to think it’s about a period of time, but really it’s about some nostalgia and a sexual position…”

Oh how I love Bryan Adams. Here’s a little bit to help you all realize why I love him so much.

The only thing I’d take a point off for would be venue. The Carolina Theatre was great in terms of size, as even though I got tickets late in the game I felt like we were pretty close and could see everything that was going on, however everyone was sitting. I definitely prefer to stand during concerts, and sitting made me hold back from really getting into some of the songs which was a little bit of a bummer. – .5

OVERALL: 9.5. HIGHLY recommended. Basically, if he comes anywhere near you, you need to go. I promise you know and love more Bryan Adams music than you thought…



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