My Name is Murphy and I’m Addicted to Chocolate

I always knew that chocolate was bad for dogs, some would say toxic, but I didn’t know quite how addicting it was.  Apparently once they’ve had their first taste they can’t stay away.  The websites I read warned that if they get into once, make sure you’ve hidden all chocolate in your house as thoroughly as possible.

While home in PA for the farm show this past weekend my mom decided to make me a batch of my favorite cookies.  Chocolate cookies with mini Reese’s Pieces in them.  Incredibly delicious, and incredibly chocolately.  While cooking my mom sets a tray of uncooked cookies on the stool next to the island in the kitchen.  One advantage of a little dog is that he can’t reach the counters, but apparently he can reach the top of stools.  As soon as he saw the food he started licking the tray and knocked it on the floor.  Before she could even reach down he’d inhaled 4.  After much online research and speaking to an emergency vet, we were told he would be fine, with maybe just a little diarrhea.  He did indeed survive. 

For the trip back my mom packed us two bags of extra cookies, which clearly made me pretty excited.  Within 15 minutes of hitting the road we stopped to get gas and soda, and when we returned to the car Murphy had found not just one, but both bags of cookies, tore them open, and inhaled between 8-10 cookies.  We did the math and this is about the equivalent of us eating between 60-80 in 5 minutes.  Seriously Murph?!  How did you not throw up immediately?  Again, more calls to vets, stops to get hydrogen peroxide to make him throw up (didn’t work) and eventually we gave in and decided to just wait it out. 

He survived, but I rate this newfound addiction to chocolate a 0.  Not only does he eat all my favorite foods, but I also have to constantly wonder if he’s going to die.  Not cool.




  1. I feel personally responsible for leading an innocent dog down the path of addiction. I really apologize and I would offer to attend Chocoholics Anonymous with him if I lived closer! ‘Hi, my name is Grandma (to a dog) and I am an enabler’…..
    However, after the bread and guacamole incidents, shouldn’t we begin to learn from our mistakes?

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