Pennsylvania Farm Show

For those of you who don’t know, Pennsylvania is the proud host of the nation’s largest Farm Show. You may be curious what exactly a farm show is (those of you from Harrisburg are clearly not, as we’ve all been there way too many times), and luckily you’re about to find out…

FARM SHOW FOOD: 9. While you may, at first glance, think Farm Show food is similiar to fair food, you’d be wrong. Yes, some of it is fried (okay, a lot of it), but that doesn’t mean a thing. Farm Show food is almost all made by PA farmers, whether it be dairy farmers and their amazing milkshakes, or unique Honey Ice Cream from local honey farmers, or incredible fried mushrooms from PA mushroom growers, it’s all INCREDIBLE. And, unfortunately, because so much of it is from local farmers, there’s only one time a year you can get it all in one place. -1 because it’s virtually impossible to eat healthy here (so I guess it does have something in common with the State Fair).


Incredible potato donuts have yet to be found anywhere else. You can get classic with nothing on them or my favorite, the ones with powdered sugar.


I remember always getting one of the PA fish sandwiches... you see here the Trout on the left (rated much lower- 2- due to SO many bones) and the tortilla crusted Tilapia on the right (6).


Classic fried mushrooms= 9.5


Smaller fried portabellas with spicy cheese= 7. A lot going on here, make sure you have water (or Farm Show milkshake) in hand, but overall a great new find.


10! It's like drinkable ice cream.


GIANT TRACTORS: 5. As a child I had so much fun hopping up in the driver’s seat and pretending I was a farmer, but I guess with my old age you lose your ability to do that. I’m pretty sure people would look at me strange if I did that now… but hopefully this picture gives you an idea as to exactly how large the tractors here get. And there’s an entire giant room full of them! Learned a thing or two in that room.


FARM ANIMALS: 8. You would be incredibly surprised by how much fun it can be to walk down rows of dairy cows, pigs, goats, sheep and horses and just look at them. Some you can pet, most you can just look at. Some of it’s disgusting (seeing cows pour out piles of poop right in front of you), but often disgusting in a fascinating way. I had no idea how long you could spend watching different kinds of roosters and still be entertained!

Plus, check out how cute those baby pigs are!!! However, I will take off a point for the smell (and having to watch every step to make sure a cow didn’t walk by earlier and leave a nice surprise for you to step in) and the fact that you can’t touch all the animals so some of it lacks a little interaction.

p1161398 p1161403

p1161413 p1161406

BUTTER SCULPTURE: 7. Every year the Farm Show boasts a different butter sculpture by a different local artist, and this year’s can be seen below. I thought the subject this year was a little cliche (a cow? Really?), but the fact that anyone can carve this out of only butter makes it something I recommend seeing. PLUS, this year they’re using the butter for some sort of energy source. I love that they recycle it and that this year it’s being used creatively.


And these are just some of the highlights… next year, second week of January. Be there.


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  1. I LOVE the butter sculpture. It is friggn’ amazing. When I get married one day, I’m going to have a butter sculpture at my reception. It will be a bride and groom on a giant mountain of rolls. Delicious.

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