Murphy as a mini-suitcase



While a lot of people seem to think I’m torturing my dog by making him wear this backpack (which may I say once again, I’m not) there’s another cool feature on it I have yet to mention.  On the rear part of the pack is a nice little handle.  This is perfect for using to pick Murph up (considering he’s the perfect size) and carry around like a little suitcase.  I don’t do it all that often, but sometimes he just can’t seem to jump up into the car seat, or I find him in trouble around the house, or he gets his feet all muddy when we’re hiking and tries to get back in the car (in which case Richard picks him up and blots his feet on the pavement to clean them off… I love it!).  

Sometimes he’ll wave his little feet around in the air, and sometimes he’ll just hang there knowing there’s nothing he can do but wait. Super handy, and again, pretty adorable.

Enough about the dog already.  I’ll move on to other, more exciting (but surely less adorable) things tomorrow.  In Charlotte for the day for a conference (and already found one geocache) so there’s bound to be some excitement 🙂

Night all!


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