Murphy’s Sucking


So when he was a pup I noticed pretty quickly that he would suck on anything soft around him.  It started almost immediately when he would grab onto my shirt or pants with his mouth, but I just assumed that was a puppy being seperated from his mom kind of thing.  But it just kinda never stopped.  

It moved on to blankets, stuffed animals, couch cushions- pretty much anything.  I read somewhere that this happens when a puppy is seperated too young, so maybe that’s it.  Either way I rate it high for two main reasons.  1) It’s ADORABLE and 2) he can calm himself down all on his own.  As soon as he grabs something and starts sucking I know I’m good to stop worrying about what kind of stuff he’s getting into, as he can keep himself occupied for hours.  Plus, did I mention he’s adorable???




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