Road Rage


So I was making a U-turn at a light with three lanes on the opposite side of the road.  I turned into the second lane, knowing that going the other direction they had a right turn arrow and would be turning into the furthest lane.  Exactly what I was supposed to do considering the closest lane was too sharp a turn for my car to make.  Well the guy turning right decided to make a giant, wide right turn into the middle lane and almost hit me.  He immediately laid on his horn, and ended up stopped right behind me at the next light.  I was kind of upset, but forgot about it a minute later.

Don’t you know that as I move over a lane for the next light he zooms by me in the right lane and flicks me off.  I don’t think I’ve ever been flicked off before!  Seriously?  You were stopped behind me for like 3 minutes and you couldn’t get over it?  That means it wasn’t even an impulsive finger, but a premeditated finger.  What a jerk.

It gets one point because it reminds me who I don’t wanna be when I grow up.

At least it didn't turn into this...

At least it didn't turn into this...


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