64 oz. sodas


I’ve always had a fascination on road trip with soda that comes in excessive sizes.  I think it all began on our road trip from Peace College to Atlanta for Institute, Summer ’06.  Daniel, Cassie and I found Diet Mt. Dew on tap at a Pilot, and all sizes were the same price ($.79 if I remember correctly).  I reasoned that if they were all the same price, it would be crazy not to get the largest size.  Daniel disagreed, and we continued to debate this for a while after.  Either way, now when I stop I find myself getting the largest size they have, even when the price isn’t all the same.  It doesn’t make any sense, I know, but I just can’t resist.  Probably half because I tend to fall asleep behind the wheel, half because I think huge sizes look funny, and half out of fond memories of road trips to Atlanta. 

On the way back from Boone Richard and I were lucky enough to find a tiny gas station with the largest sodas I’ve ever seen.  64 oz!!!   Are you kidding me?!  Nope, it’s legit.  Held up next to Richard’s puny 32 oz. soda it looks even more incredible. 

Three large downsides, however (leading to the 7 rating). 

1.  It doesn’t fit in the cup holder.

2. The only diet soda they had was Diet Coke.

3.  You don’t even want to know how many times we had to stop to use the bathroom on the remaining 1.5 hours of the trip.  The good news about that was we found a geocache on the way…



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