Hot Seat


Otherwise known as ‘The Break Up Game’.  Described by its creators as the ‘Ultimate Get to Know You Game’.  And boy is it ever.

We brought this to Boone with us, thinking this get to know each other card game would be fun with a group of 10.  And it was, sometimes.  Like when we learned about Lisa’s entertaining hike in the woods…

But one word of advice.  Probably not a good idea to play in a group where people are dating.  Because if you’re all honest, you’re bound to find out things you may never have wanted to know.  Just something to keep in mind before you think about playing it.  That, and approach it creatively.  Some of the questions are boring and will require some on-the-spot adjusting if you want it to get interesting.

As a result, I rate it a 3.


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