My New Bike!


I unfortunately can’t give it a rating quite yet, as I think things like performance and durability will definitely play in.  However, I couldn’t help but share.

When I started commuting to work via bike in the summer/fall, I began to realize that my hand-me-down mountain bike just wasn’t cutting it.  Not only was it older, but it was heavy, and I loaded it down with a full basket on the front every day, and usually a full backpack on my back.  All that weight made me go super slow, and I was frequently being passed by more ‘serious’ bikers.  It was then I started thinking about a new bike…

Once I found someone who could actually offer me some sound advice as to what I was looking for, now seemed like a good time.  Found this one on Craigs List, from a police officer who was a runner but decided to train for a bike race.  Apparently that didn’t last long, so I got a virtually untouched road bike, and free trainer for only $200.  Now that’s the kind of bike I can afford.

Took it out on the tobacco trail yesterday, and am excited about how much time this is going to shave off my commute.  That, and it’s in the 60’s today, so I’m even thinking about maybe attempitng a bike to work in the upcoming week. 

Will keep you posted on the rating!



  1. Sweet, congrats! I rode to the bank and back today and realized not biking all winter has quickly left me out of shape, must get back into it….

  2. Dude, that deal is phenomenal! I cannot believe you struck such gold! When I had looked a few years ago any reasonable road bike was $500+ (hence the reason I still don’t have one). Super congrats! I’m really impressed. I also just laughed out loud in the middle of the law library while reading your parallel parking post. Awesome.

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