My Parralel Parking Skills

When I was 16 and first learning to drive, I clearly remember my mom parking a car in the street in front of our house, and putting one of our trash cans out there.  She then proceeded to make us practice our parralel parking until it was flawless.  At the time I found this rather annoying, because I knew my drivers test was not going to involve parralel parking.  However, she’s so proud of her skills that I suppose she wanted to pass them down to us.

Ever since, I occasionally find myself having a day (or a park job really) that makes me especially grateful she did this.  You know, if you’re on a date or something and trying to impress someone, the last thing you want to do is make it appear that parralel parking is a big deal for you.

Well, Friday night on our way out to see Tripp (the band I rated about a month ago) on Franklin Street, I stopped at Laurens to pick her up.  The only open spot was on the left side, between two cars.   Boy did I feel good about my skills then.  I pulled off a flawless, three swipe left-hand side parralel parking job that couldn’t be further than an inch off the curb.  While hard to see here, Heather was there as a witness.  I rate it a 9, only removing one point because it wasn’t in two swipes. 


Then, after picking Lauren up, the three of us head to Franklin Street.  Right after we pass the Cave (the bar Tripp was playing at) I saw a spot right there on a side street. SCORE!  And feeling pretty confident with my skills at that point I wasn’t at all concerned about the fact that it required parralel parking.

Well, it turns out I should have been.  About 10 minutes later we finally get out of the car, convincing ourselves that it was totally legal to have 2 out of 4 tires on the curb.  And we kept some guy highly entertained who seriously sat at the edge of a nearby parking lot laughing at me as I attempted it 8 times in 8 different ways. 

This one is clearly a 2.  It was close by and I made it in eventually.  Sorry to disappoint you Mom…



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