Bow Tie Guy


So I’m in Gaston for the next couple of days, working with the fabulous Tech Department of GCP, the school I used to work at as a TFA corps member.  I taught Technology there for two years, and now I work with the new tech teacher helping to prepare the students for the NC Computer Skills Test. 

So while planning the lesson for tomorrow I decided they absolutely needed a blog (probably my favorite part of my class last year).  My suggestion for a username was jshaiferGCP (how boring) and Shaif agreed this wasn’t quite as snazzy as he would like.  He then suggested ‘Bow Tie Guy’.  AND I LOVE IT.  Seriously, what a great name for the blog of a guy who is known for wearing a bow tie every day (among his many other fabulous traits).  I’m a huge fan and am now regretting my username of jsmith6.  Any suggestions for something better???



And to make it even better, you’ve GOT to check out the header on the blog.



  1. New tag ?
    Go on the first instinct.
    Feel the passion of your depth crying out,’Schazamm!!!’ .
    And then,…touch the presence of your Soul with,…so unique a vision defined as……all of what is quixotic.
    After that, the rest of your Life is easy.
    semper fi,…snooky

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