Driving Down the Highway and Realizing You’re Following a Perdue Chicken Truck…


As I was driving to Gaston early this morning I found myself following a pretty large, very slow, truck.  When I got closer, I discovered that it was FULL of cages, one stacked on top of another, full of chickens.  At first I was fascinated, and a little frustrated by the feathers flying into my windshield, and couldn’t stop looking at it.  It reminded me of all the chickens we saw at the Farm Show.

But as I ended up next to the truck, rather than behind it, I saw PERDUE written on the truck.  And then I realized these were not headed to a farm show, but rather a butcher.  It made me a little sick, and I’m now questioning my decision to eat chicken again…  It’s not like I didn’t know that the chicken I eat comes from live chickens, but actually seeing the poor things stuffed in a truck and headed off to die makes it feel a little different.  




  1. i totally did that one time. i was like awww chickens and than saw the perdue sign on the truck and than got very sad. poor chickens.

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