Stick ’em Up


So when teaching lingo in my class, my favorite game ever was ‘Stick ’em Up’. It was definitely my favorite more because the kids looked really funny when they were playing it rather than how effective it was, but that was enough for me to play it all the time. And I kinda miss it…

So today when I noticed Shaif had a couple extra minutes in class I asked if we could play 🙂 Basically students put two or three of the week’s main lingo on post-its, which they then stick on the table in front of them. This works the best with words that go in pairs or groups, like ascending/descending, input/output/processing, and field/record/entry.  Then, I either point to something, give an example or have them come up with one, and they  have to pick the lingo it applies to and stick it to their forehead.    See why I like it so much?

However, it’s not nearly as much fun if students are tired, non-laughers or just being boring. This unfortunately took a couple points off today.  Made me a little bit sad that today wasn’t as much fun as I remember with ’12, but I’m going to write it off to being first period. Cause I still love the game 🙂

Mike, who gave me permission to feature on the blog, playing the game 🙂


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