Guest Rating!

(Special guest rating from the fabulous Jon Crisp!)

So I’m on my way to Denver for my annual ski weekend with the boys and was literally speechless upon seeing a clearly white collar, middle-white man wearing a Cosby sweater in the Dallas airport!  I love it!

I was able to serrupticiously (sp?) take this photo on my phone on our way onto the aircraft. A thing of beauty.

As you know, I’m not normally compelled to rate and share my daily experiences like you are, but this just has to be shared with the world.

I give it an 9! Start with a 9 because this is clearly awesome without being wedding day awesome or watching the sun rise from a Himilayan peak awesome. (Point of clarification here… in order to earn a 10 it does NOT have to be wedding day awesome.  Each rating is solely based on that individual experience, and the most amazing that particular experience could be… just to clarify)  -1 because the dude wasn’t a kind and sophisticated black man that could keep me glued to my television weekly and make me want to buy Picture Pages. +1 because it was worn by this w**** b**** m*********** (censored because this blog is family friendly and doesn’t condone that kind of language… please keep in mind this is a guest rating). (I know that seems contradictary but this is how my mind works.)



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