Richard’s Ski Attire



Admittedly this is slightly old (from our visit to Boone two weeks ago), however when I was emptying pictures off of my iPhone and saw this, I just couldn’t resist 🙂

This is a ski suit my dad picked up for me in Singapore (maybe Hong Kong?) when I was in high school, and wore several winters since while skiing. It’s pretty perfect, really, as you don’t have to worry about a coat or anything. And it’s bright pink. I brought it to Boone in case it snowed or we last minute decided to go skiing. It turns out I didn’t need it, however Richard did.

The way he really owned the look is what earns it such a high rating. The suit itself is fabulous (clearly), but only a certain type of person can really rock it. Clearly Richard is that type of person.

So, enjoy and picture him singing some Elvis as he works his way down the slopes…


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